Wondrous Winter

Once the cold wind has blown away the last of the autumn leaves, you will find me hiding. Sultry summer seems like an age ago and the icy temperatures make you dream of warmer climes.

I am stylish and hip, and my soft, warm tones evoke memories of Ibiza, a welcome respite at this bleak time of year. I lend wintry days a touch of the Mediterranean, a place where free spirits rule the roost. My combinations ooze chic while retaining their accessibility.

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Autumn/Winter 2017 collection

I combine large shapes with thistles, berries and flowers, and carry you into a night where history and mysticism meet.
Enchanting Violet
This collection combines a select number of colourful flowers with carefully chosen leaves, blackcurrants and fruits.

Ik word graag geïnspireerd door Silk-ka!